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Out of town?
The bank is closed?
You need to find a statement from a few months back and you’ve looked everywhere?

There are times when online banking saves the day. With online banking you have account balances, recent transactions, and past statements at your fingertips 24/7. You also have the ability to transfer funds wherever you are, whenever you’d like. All you need is internet access! Online banking opens the door to additional services that save you time and money, like e-statements and online bill pay – all accessible with one password that you choose!

Thinking About Getting Started...?

Getting Started Is Quick - Start to finish, you’ll be banking online in less than 5 minutes.
Getting Started Is Easy
- Not incredibly tech-savvy? Not a problem. The site is easy to navigate and user-friendly. If you do have questions, we’re just a call away and happy to walk you through it.
Getting Started Is Free - We offer this convenience free-of-charge to our valued customers.

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Free e-Statements

Sign up for e-statements now and get $9.99! Sign up today and we’ll deposit $9.99 into your account by this time next week.

With e-statements, you access statements with your online banking secure login. They are not emailed (as most web-based email is unsecure). You can view, print, or save your statements 24/7 from any computer with internet access.

  • Keep your statements organized and easily accessible.
  • Help the environment by eliminating paper statements.
  • Reduce the risk of fraud and identity theft, as statements are not sent through an unprotected mail or email system. They are stored in a secure online environment and password protected.

If you switch to e-statements, you may switch back to mailed statements at any time.

To Sign Up for e-Statements:

  1. Log In To Online Banking
  2. Click Options
  3. Scroll down to e-statement enrollment at the bottom of the page. Click Edit
  4. Select the accounts on which you’d like to receive e-statements.
  5. Verify Your Email Address
  6. If you accept the terms and conditions, check the box.
  7. Click Accept
  8. Earn $9.99!

Free Online Bill Pay

You spend your money on bills… must you spend your time, too? Online bill pay saves you time! Plus, eliminating checks, envelopes, and stamps.   You can also access this from your mobile phone!

  • Receive bills online and optional email notifications when they arrive.
  • Make payments to both companies and individuals – even if they don’t bill you online and even if you don’t have their account number. All you need is their phone number.
  • See your available balance as you pay bills.
  • Schedule payments up to a year in advance. You can even set payments to be paid automatically the same day each month.

Once you’ve selected a payee, paying bills is as easy as entering the payment date and amount. A calendar of available pay dates is provided, and many billers can receive and post payments the very same day you pay them. Automatically generated lists make it easy to quickly see which bills are due, pending payment, and paid.

To Get Started or Find Out More:

1. Log In To Online Banking 
2. Click the Account From Which You Pay Bills 
3. Click ‘Bill Payment’ 

4. Here you can view a demo, access answers to frequently asked questions and get started. 

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Instructions to sign up for Mobility:

  1. Login to Internet Banking
  2. Go to options on top tool bar inside Internet Banking
  3. Scroll down to Mobile Banking Profile
  4. Enrollment status should say Enroll Now.

Follow instructions to enter cell phone number and select what type of Mobiliti you would like. Also follow the text messages to get activation code and download the application.

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