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ATM Security

10 Things You Should Do

plus-checking-icon If possible, avoid using ATMs during hours of darkness.  If you must do so, try to have another person accompany you.
plus-checking-icon If an ATM facility must be used at night, try to select one in an area that is well lit.
plus-checking-icon When possible, try to choose an ATM that is highly visible.
plus-checking-icon Thoroughly observe the area around the ATM.
plus-checking-icon Be cautious of anyone who engages you in conversation as you approach the ATM, while you are using it or immediately thereafter.
plus-checking-icon Be suspicious of anyone who closely observes you while you are using the ATM:  Protect your PIN from view.
plus-checking-icon Spend as little time at the ATM as possible.
plus-checking-icon Don’t count or needlessly expose cash at the ATM.
plus-checking-icon Don’t leave your receipt at the ATM.
plus-checking-icon Don’t reveal your PIN to anyone in person or over the telephone for any reason, even if the individual represents him or herself as a bank employee

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