• Osceola, IA (641) 342-2175
  • Lamoni, IA (641) 784-3120
  • Winterset, IA (515) 462-5090

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Job Opportunities

Lending Officer – Generalist, Winterset, Iowa

Position Summary

Reports directly to the Chief Credit Officer and provides commercial, agricultural and installment lending in the Winterset office of American State Bank. Collects information, analyzes, recommends, and approves loans within delegated authority and bank policy. Emphasis in developing and servicing high quality commercial, agricultural and retail loan accounts that meet established loan policy which provide maximum profitability to the bank with minimal risk of loss. Promotes and establishes deposit relationships. Responsible for following the bank call program and becoming an active volunteer and business leader in the Winterset, Madison County and surrounding community. Serves on other bank committees as appointed by President/CEO.

Major Duties

  1. Interviews loan applicants and collects and analyzes financial and related data to determine the credit worthiness of the applicant within Bank policy.
  2. Completes all loan documentation required within Bank policy including but not limited to cash flow analysis, profit analysis, risk analysis, inspections, and collateral analysis.
  3. Negotiates and/or recommends the necessary terms under which credit will be extended including price, repayment plan, and collateral requirements within delegated authority.
  4. Identifies and originates new and existing FmHA and SBA guarantee applications within Bank policy.
  5. Member of Officers Loan Committee.
  6. Monitors loan repayment activity and takes necessary action to collect non-performing accounts on individual and branch loan(s).
  7. Types own loan documentation and correspondence and has necessary computer skills to perform misc. job duties, including ARTA and Microsoft Excel and Word.
  8. Develops high quality new business opportunities by contacting prospective and current customers through the bank call program. Cross-sells bank products and participates in agreed upon incentive program. Interacts with Marketing Department to implement lending promotions for the bank.
  9. Interacts with Osceola administrative staff in a positive, helpful manner
  10. Works with Chief Credit Officer to perform branch loan reviews, identify risk, and prepare for exams.
  11. Assists other loan officers in all locations in credit analyst loan preparation as assigned.
  12. Assist in carrying out the bank’s operating plan to meet performance goals and objectives.
  13. Performs any Bank related duties as needed and directed by management and carries out strategic plan of the bank.
  14. Represent the Bank at professional, community, and social activities.


  • Bachelor’s degree in business administration, finance, or related area, or equivalent experience required which could be evidenced by industry trade schools.
  • The ideal candidate will have five to ten years of related banking and/or financial regulatory experience involving credit risk management.
  • Expertise to assess credit requests and recommend loan structures in Commercial, Installment, and Agricultural lending.
  • Strong financial analysis skills and abilities are required.
  • Strong communication skills
  • Decision focused and team player

Qualified applicants should contact Kevin W. Klemesrud, President and CEO, American State Bank, 1000 Jeffreys Drive, Osceola, Iowa 50213, 641-342-2175.

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